Samstag, 3. September 2011

4 new releases out!

SKP014: MOLOK - "Molok" (black metal featuring live members from angantyr) pro tape lim 100
SKP015: FJELDGAENGER - "I" (mid tempo black metal,featuring live drummer from angantyr) pro tape lim 100
SKP016: HUMUS - "Art Noir Clandestin" (french forest BM,featuring dunkel from sale freux,drakonhail,saatkrähe etc...) pro tape lim 100
SKP018: YHDARL - "Humainly Sick" (re-release with a 20 minute bonus track,sick drone doom black metal from belgium.featuring member from imber luminis,merda mundi etc...) vinyl like cdr in dvd case with A3 poster lim. 100

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